Jeannie Moylan

Counselor, MS, LCPC, EAGALA, II

As a relationship counselor, my goal is to move you to "hold onto yourself" and embrace your partner/kids/parents. I hope that you will be patient with yourself-because we grow exceedingly slowly. Stop wasting time lacking forward movement with your life. Going forward will cost you. Progress and personal growth always do. It may cost cherished beliefs. It will cost you the "self" you've been - to become who you want to be. You may already be facing some more choices not because your marriage or family is flawed but because it's part of marriages natural process.

You may want or need a therapist who keeps you productively uncomfortable. I can do a lot more than emphasize or teach communication skills. I can monitor important topics to keep you on track, help you observe the process, and assist in modulating and containing anxiety in your family system.

I understand the importance of availability. I work confidentially with selective clients to ensure focus and quality. I can be available to you when issues arise; coaching you through critical relational moments, when learning and changing is at its peak potential. Family, couples, individuals (talk, equine facilitated and art therapy).


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